Welcome to the 3 Ring Kennels Training Videos Page!


Throughout these vidoes you can watch our young student, Ares, grow from being a young puppy into a gun dog ready to pass his first hunt tests. Throughout this program we will be following just one dog to see the progression and development through time. We hope this will give you a good guide for getting started with your pup. It should be mentioned that these videos are not meant to be an "end all/be all" series and it would be wise to consult other training that you feel fits well with your style and your pups strengths. Furthermore, if you are intending to bring a dog to 3 Ring Kennels for training at some point these videos would serve as an excellent guide for what it would be advisable to teach your young student before they arrive here.  Finally, if you are using these videos as a training guide you would want to have your pup completing the tasks in Section 1 before moving on to Section 2. Good luck and thanks for watching!

Section 1: Approximately 2-3 Months Age

Section 2: Approximately 3-4 Months Age

Section 3: Approximately 4-6 Months Age

Section 4: Approximately 6-7 Months Age

Section 5: Approximately 7-9 Months Age