3xGMPR Blackjack's 3 Ring Vega SH


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PRICE: $1000 ($200 deposit and remainder due before AKC paperwork will be signed)

           or pick of the litter at the discretion of 3 Ring Kennels

HEALTH CLEARANCES: OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, CERF Clear, EIC/CNM Clear 


Where Did Vega Get His Name?

DESCPRIPTION:  3xGMPR Blackjack's 3 Ring Vega SH - "Vega" is the very essence of a well rounded pointing Labrador.  He has a well strucutred 74lb muscular thick build with classic blocky features.  He is a 5th generation GMPR who's top line on the pedigree goes through the legendary APLA HoF dog, Raider.  Even before Raider, his lineage goes to Gumbo of Black Forest.  These are the dogs that are the cornerstones of the APLA today.  The rest of his pedigree includes many other famous dogs like Wannamaker's Hot Tub and Sir's Mighty Eli.  All of whom hold at least the GMPR title in the APLA and an AKC hunt test title as well.  Vega's pedigree is the result of generations of selectively breeding of the world's best pointing Labradors.

Vega's current level of accomplishments includes his 3xGMPR title as well as his AKC Senior Hunter title.  His performance has been exceptional considering his entire formal program occurred in less than 5 months.  His strengths are his point which is staunch with no tail flagging, his marking which is constantly complimented by those who watch and his manners going to and at the line are a joy to handle.

What makes Vega the best candidate for your next litter is his proven track record of producing quality pups with plenty of point, phenomenal marking ability, trainability and a very pleasant temperament.  His litters have averaged almost 9 pups at a time and he is an enthusiastic and strong natural breeder.  Vega will make sure your girl is properly covered.

Another incredible attribute of Vega is his ability to throw every shade of the 3 standard colors of Labradors (black, yellow and chocolate).  As a dark yellow phenotype he has thrown every shade of yellow from light cream to dark red shades.  Furthermore, it was only through a near-miraculous chance he carried the gene to produce chocolate puppies.  5 generations of dogs hid this gene and passed it to Vega making him the very first Labrador from the legendary Blackjack lines known to be chocolate factored.  This was such a shock that a DNA test was performed to confirm our suspicisions when a litter he sired showed up brown.  This makes him the ultra rare and highly versatile eeBb genetic color.

Finally, what makes Vega such a joy to own is not the titles and ribbons or even the birds he points and retrieves.  Even more than his amazing versatility in colors he produces is his attitude.  Vega is a dog everyone WANTS to be around.  He has a wonderful temperament.  My children regularly use him as a pillow in the house while watching TV and sleeps beside my bed every night.  He is so loyal I can't leave the room without him following me… ever. 

Vega can do it all - quitely and patiently wait to retrieve your ducks in the morning, tirelessly hunt and point your pheasants in the afternoon and calmly lay at your feet in the evening when you watch a ballgame with the family.