Where did Tycho get his name?


When it comes time to name a dog, it's often quite the trick.  Every registered name has to be unique so there is often a struggle to name a dog something that is representative of who they are and from where they come.  3 Ring Tycho's Supernova of TGK is a name referencing the two elite breeding programs who have partnered to make such a high quaility animal.  Obviously 3 Ring Kennels is responsbile for raising and starting the training of Tycho, while TGK in Nebraska is responsbile for his very existence.  We felt it was important to make note of both.

The rest of Tycho's name is a reference to the connection I have to a life long love of studying and teaching astronomy.  Tycho is named after an object in the sky know as a supernova remnant.  It was the result of an exploding star first witnessed it the 16th century by a danish astronomer named Tycho Brahe.  I chose this man to name a very important dog because without his work, we would not have an understanding of the universe.

Tycho was a man obsessed with perfection and precision.  His measurements of the positions of the stars and planets were used after his abrupt death to create the mathematical formulas that are used today as the very foundation of astrophysics.  The star catalogs we use to reference objects in the night sky still bear his name.  In short the well known astronomers (Galileo, Newton, Kepler, etc) all are the result of the work produced by Tycho.

With those ideas in mind, I felt it fitting to name an essential part of our kennel Tycho.  He is obsessed with working hard, relentlessly pursues perfection and is the foundation of generations of successful predecessors.  

It's also worth noting that Tycho Brahe also once lost a duel as a young man and as a result lots the end of his nose.  Tycho became very wealthly later in life due to his hard work and wore a prosthetic nose... made of gold.  Tycho, the dog with the golden nose.