STUD FEE: $1000 or pick of the litter at the discretion of 3 Ring Kennels

Stud fee will be good through 12/31/19

As of 1/1/20 the stud fee will increase to $1500

GRHRCH 4xGMPR 3 Ring Tycho's Supernova of TGK MH

-Call Name: Tycho

-DOB: 1/22/2015

-AKC Registration: SR86372202 

-UKC Registration: R267647

-Hips: PennHIP 0.29/0.31 "90th Percentile"

-Hips: OFA LR-226300G44M-PI "Good"

-Elbows: LR-EL6846M24 - PI

-CERF: Clear LR-EYE7540/5M-VPI

-EIC/CNM/PRA: Clear by testing

-Weight: 80 lbs

-Color: Pure Chocolate (EEbb)


PennHIP Evaluation

Genetic Health Certificate

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Where Did Tycho Get His Unique Name?

Hunting Lab Pedigree

As of the end of 2018, Tycho has quickly become a very highly saught after stud.  He has sired a handful of litters since turning 2 and finishing his health clearances, but he has now accomplished achievements once thought to be impossible by a chocolate dog and even more impossible by a pointing lab.  Tycho is the first and only chocolate GMPR to pass the HRC International Grand Hunt.  He is truly in a class by himself.  

Tycho also has impeccable health clearances on hips, eyes, elbows, and genetic diseases.  He is also tested for brucellosis to make sure his fertility remains strong.  A recent semen analysis showed his sperm count to be 1.6B with 95% motility.  He is certainly capable of siring a large litter with the right female.

In 2019 our intent is to first and foremost finish the GRHRCH title which will make him one of only a handful of pointing labs to ever acheive this title... of any color.  We also might run a few qualifiying field trials as well as dabble in the Super Retriever Series.  

Finally, what makes Tycho such an ideal candidate for siring your next litter is much more than just what he has accomplished or his phenomenal pedigree.  Rather, what makes Tycho such a joy to own and train is his personality.  He is the dog that rarely barks and is usually found fast asleep in his kennel or on a couch.  He is a chill as I've ever seen in a hard charging dog of this caliber.  

For references on Tycho's performance and temperament feel free to contact Josh Cochran at 620-249-0983 or Justin Jackson of Texoma Retrievers.