3xGMPR Vega SH


(1 HRC Grand Pass - Fall 2018)

  vega_face_new.png Tycho Face new
  "Vega" is our prominent stud with an incredible pedigree and clean genetic health record and comes to us from one of the top pointing Labrador breeders in the country. "Tycho" is the up and coming chocolate stud we will be featuring for our kennel.  His pedigree and health clearances are second to none.

Breeding Females


SHR Shira 

SHR Trixie CTD

Suri_Face.jpeg Shira1-29 Face 12841195_1128149127217556_6482710229235581978_o_copy.jpg
"Suri" is a tri-factored female from a phenomenal APLA breeding of two of the countries finest 4xGMPR/SH dogs.  Suri is a top notch hunt test competitor who rises to the occasion and still has the genetics to sleep with our 10 year old daughter nightly.
"Shira" is a wonderful female who is out of AFC/FC Ruckus and the legendardy NFC Chopper.  This dog is all about the water and an absolute gem in the house. "Trixie" is a 3 Ring Kennels product you can see in action.  She is the daughter of Ella and is a long, lean Labrador built for speed and agility.

 CPR Ember

SHR Tootsie

MPR Piper MH


 Tootsie_face.jpg Piper_face.jpeg
 "Ember" Ember is a textbook example of a pointing Labrador.  She has a staunch point and a perfect build for an all day hunt.  Ember has a pedigree loaded with GMPR, MH and FC/AFC dogs too!
 "Tootsie" is a wonderful female out of 4xGRHRCH UH Gump MNH6 and has a sparkling personality.  She's a peppy little female who is a fearless retriever and wonderful companion. "Piper" is a stunning black female out of our very own 3xGMPR Vega SH x Shira.  She is another exquisite example of the dogs we seek to produce. 



Future Females






"Carina" is a very unique female out of a breeding that doesn't come around often.  She is the product of a FC/AFC and 4xGMPR MH that when the dust settles might just be one of the best pedigrees we've ever seen.  So far her training would make her parents proud! "Anca" is a special girl.  She is the daughter of 4xGMPR HRCH Hud MH x 1.5xGMPR Vella MH.  She is the granddaughter of our Vega and Ella.  She is a chip off the ole block and has a bright future in 2019 and 2020!  



Outside Females

 SHR Indy 


CPR Annabell

Indy_Face_new.png Sadie.jpeg  Annabelle_face.jpeg
"Indy" is another 3 Ring Kennels product who has demonstrated exactly what we are producing.  She is a ball of fire in the field and has a wonderful temperament. "Sadie" is a top notch hunting dog and littermate to Indy. She is a delightful companion and equally capable in the duck blind and pheasant field. "Annabell" is a fearless retriever who is a littermate to our very own Piper. She is a hard charger in the field and a sweetheart in the house. 

 Gabi JH

CPR Kavara




 "Gabi" is the youngest family member of the Westbrooks.  She is out of one of the most accomplished chocolate males of all time GRHRCH SRSACC SRSAC Spring River's Yankee Captain MNH MH QAA, Jeter. 
"Kavara" is the beloved family companion and hunting dog of a close friend.  She is out of 3xGMPR Vega SH and is wonderful around children and in the house. When it comes time to hunt she has the big ON switch and is always ready to go!