-Retired From Breeding-
SHR Capella Cochran CTD

AKC Registration: SR63279909

UKC Registration:

OFA Hips: LR-199961E25F-NOPI

OFA Elbows: LR-EL56268F25-NOPI

CERF Eyes: LR-EYE4240/59F-VPI

EIC: Carrier 

CNM/PRA/SD2: Clear 

Color: EeBB - Black with yellow factor

Weight: 60 lbs

Bio: Ella is our foundation dog that began it all for us at 3 Ring Kennels.  While she is now retired from breeding, we see the lasting impact of her offspring and thoroughally enjoy her company.  Ella is one of those dogs who has a special relationship with us that shows in her years of work as a therapy dog at a local high school.  Her sparkling personality makes her a favorite at school, Halloween, ball games, or anywhere she joins us.  In the field Ella has been a joy to watch.  She has excelled in the open CRP fields chasing pheasants and wooded marshes fetching ducks.  


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