About Us:We are a small, family kennel located in Southeast Kansas dedicated to breeding, raising and training quality Labrador Retrievers. Our philosophy for producing excellent gundogs is a three-part system we call developing happy, healthy hunters. Each of these parts of a dog is represented in our logo by a golden ring. We believe that when all three characteristics are fulfilled that a well-rounded companion will be the result.


A happy dog is a dog with a positive temperament. This feature is the hallmark of the Labrador breed, so they are a natural fit into our model. However, a common problem with the temperament of a lab is their tendency to be hyper or overly affectionate. With our dogs, we seek to find a balance‚Ķ a dog that has that on/off switch to know when to turn on the energy to hunt all day and when to turn it off and lay at your feet in the recliner.


A healthy dog is one that lives a long and low maintenance life with lower vet bills. We have specifically selected dogs for our breeding program who are genetically free from the ailments that typically plague the Labrador breed. Our dogs are not affected by hip dysplasia, EIC, CNM or CERF. In fact, we are so sure our dogs are healthy that we offer a 2-year guarantee on the health of any puppy we sell.


A hunting dog is one that has an innate tendency to find game and retrieve it. Our hunting dogs take this to a higher level. We have chosen our dogs for their ability to not only retrieve, but also to naturally point and track as this is displayed in their exceptional pedigrees. Our dogs can even be used to aid the recovery of deer and certainly to help find those shed antlers in the spring.


So when you put all three of these core characteristics of a dog together you will find what we are producing at 3 Ring Kennels - happy, healthy hunting dogs that are a true asset to any family and sporting opportunity.  We hope you'll check out our dogs, upcoming litters and be sure to watch some of our training videos as we chronicled the development of one young puppy into a trustworhy companion and a true asset in the field. 

Our Name: The name 3 Ring Kennels was chosen for our kennel because we often refer to our lives as being as busy as a circus.  The reality is, we're all busy.  With that idea in mind we set out to produce quality dogs that would be able to complement every outdoor event.  Our dogs are a great addition to an outing of hunting waterfowl, upland birds, deer antler sheds or just a family camping trip.  Our dogs are also exceptional companions as many of our dogs serve daily in local schools a certified therapy dogs.  

Location:  We are located in Southeast Kansas, approximately 7 miles north of Parsons, KS.

Facilities:  3 Ring Kennels is situated on a 10 acre haven of dog training.  We are blessed to have a one-acre wetland, a long stand of timber following a creek and the remainder as mix of meadow and thickets.  Our property annually attracts and holds waterfowl and bobwhite quail to aid in our hunting and training.


Puppy Locations: Since starting our breeding program we have strived to find the ideal home for each puppy we've produced.  Great care has been put into the health and well-being of each 3 Ring Kennels puppy.  One of the great joys of this business is to watch these dogs bless the lives of the families who take them home.  A fun part of this is to keep track of where our pups have gone over the years.  Below is a map of the cities and towns where a 3 Ring Kennels puppy has landed.  Enjoy!